Prototyping bench

Prototyping bench
Status Active


  • Ivan Penskiy (ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu)


The prototyping bench in the Brin Drone Lab has tools and equipment necessary for repairing and prototyping flying drones.


Brendan Iribe Center 432, Room 0108.


No reservation is required for using the prototyping bench. Users can use the bench after attending the Brin Drone Lab orientation.

Important reminders

  • Remember to turn OFF solder station before leaving.
  • Never take tools from the lab premises.
  • Clean up and tidy after yourself.
  • Operate all tools in a safe and secure manner.
  • Return all tools to their places.
  • Notify the lab manager (Ivan Penskiy,  ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu) if any of the tools are malfunctioning or missing.

List of tools

  • Solder station
  • Dremel set