Netted area

Netted area
Status Active


  • Ivan Penskiy (ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu)


Netted area is a 18' x 24' rectangular area with 15' high ceilings. The net is a 1-7/8" square mesh made of #36 twisted knotted nylon. The floor in the area is covered with two layers of foam mats.


Brendan Iribe Center 432, Room 0108.


The netted area must be reserved before using. The reservations are done using Google calendars (IRB-0108na, IRB-0108nb, IRB-0108nc, and IRB-0108nd). You will be able to reserve the equipment personally after attending the Brin Drone Lab orientation.
Four (4) reservation slots are available for the netted area. Users are expected to share the space amicably and fly drones in turns.

Important reminders

  • Make sure to read carefully and follow the safety rules
  • No alteration of the netted area is allowed. Any marking on the floor or walls must be temporary. Do not use tapes with strong adhesive. Use of Post-its or masking tape is recommended.
  • All equipment used in experiments must be removed from the netted area by end of reservation.

Gaining access to equipment

  • Attend the Brin Drone Lab orientation.