DVS128 camera

DVS128 camera
Status Active


  • Ivan Penskiy (ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu)

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DVS128 is an event camera from iniVation based on dynamic vision sensor. Unlike conventional camera that sends successive frames at fixed rates, DVS128 transmits only local pixel-level changes caused by moving in a scene. The result is a stream of events at microsecond time resolution, equivalent to or better than conventional high-speed vision sensors running at thousands of frames per second. Power, data storage and computational requirements are also drastically reduced, and dynamic sensor range is increased by orders of magnitude due to the local processing. 


Engineering Annex building 093, Room varies.


Dimensions 40 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight 65g (without lens)
Resolution 128 x 128 pixels
Minimum latency 15 us
Time resolution down to 1 us per event
Dynamic range 120 dB
Power consumption 5 VDC, <0.5 W total (USB bus powered)


DVS128 must be reserved before using. The reservation is done using the NanoCenter reservation system (see details in the Scheduling page).
You will be able to reserve the equipment personally only after being trained on it.

Video demonstration

The following videos demonstrate capabilities of DVS128 camera:

DVS128 overview DVS demo: robo goalie DVS demo: drone maneuvers

Note: these are promotional and instructional videos. They are included for demonstrational purposes only. The details of actual operational procedures in RRL can differ!

Standard operating procedure

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