For Students:

How can I use all of this equipment?

First, follow the steps on the Join page to register as a user and sign up for an orientation. Once you attended the orientation, you can contact the lab manager (Ivan Penskiy, ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu) to schedule training on the equipment you'd like to use. Read the equipment's SOP before the training. Some of the equipment has associated fees to cover consumables so please make sure that your professor sets up an account that can be charged. Otherwise, you will not be able to reserve and use the equipment.

For Faculty:

How do I set up an account that my students can charge in the lab?

To set up an account, you must be a Nanocenter user. Sign up here: https://www.nanocenter.umd.edu/facilities/become-a-user/.

Once you have done that, sign into the Nanocenter Scheduler. On the left side of the page, you'll find the "My Quick Links" sidebar. Click "My Accounts" and create a new account with the KFS number you'd like to charge. Once you have created this account, you can edit users by selecting "Users" in the "Manage My Accounts" table. Find your student in the "Unauthorized User" list and move them over to the "Authorized User" list. 

Alternately, you can fill out the RRL New Account Setup Form and email it to the lab manager (Ivan Penskiy, ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu).

What are the fees for equipment use?

Fees are charged to cover consumables and parts easily damaged for certain equipment. A table with current hourly fees for the major lab equipment is listed below. These fees are subject to change as costs change. There is no charge for equipment not in this table (soldering stations, scopes, power supplies, fume hood, computer workstations, etc).

Equipment Hourly Fee
Objet30 Pro 3D printer
uPrint SE Plus 3D printer
Universal VLS3.50 laser cutter
Westbond wire bonder
Roland MDX-540 4-axis mill
Robotics equipment
Sensors for robots
Optitrack Prime17w motion capture
Segway RMP-440LE
Can users outside the university use this equipment?

Currently, you need to be collaborating with somebody in the Maryland Robotics Center to make use of the Robotics Realization Lab. Depending on equipment usage, we may open the lab to users outside of the Maryland Robotics Center and outside the university in the future.