MDO4054-3 mixed domain oscilloscope

Status Active


  • Ivan Penskiy (ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu)

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This is a Tektronix MDO4054-3 mixed domain oscilloscope. It includes the functions of a normal oscilloscope, but perform as a logic analyzer, and protocol or spectrum analyzer.


Engineering Annex building 093, Room varies.


It is not currently available on the NanoCenter reservation system. Instead, it is available on a first-come first-serve basis to all qualified users. Please be considerate of others in your use over extended periods of time though. This policy is subject to change.

To become qualified user of MDO4054-3, email the lab manager (Ivan Penskiy, ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu).

Video demonstration

The following videos demonstrate review and capabilities of Tektronix mixed domain oscilloscopes :

Detailed review of a mixed domain oscilloscope FFT on a mixed domain oscilloscope

Note: these are promotional and instructional videos. They are included for demonstrational purposes only. The details of actual operational procedures in RRL can differ!

Standard Operating Procedure

Please see the user guide linked above.