Equipment to conduct electrical and mechanical tests available for users in RRL.

MDO4054-3 mixed domain scope: oscilloscope that also includes a logic analyzer and spectrum analyzer
  • Thorlabs optical table (4' x 8' x 8.3'') with 1/4'' mounting holes (at 1'' spacing) and active isolation legs
  • 3x Thorlabs motorized translation stage PT1-Z8 - 25 mm (0.98"). Displacement resolution as low as 29 nm
  • ATI force sensor, Nano17 (SI-12-0.12). 6-axis transducer, force resolution as low as 1/320 N
  • High speed camera UX100. Video resolution 1280x1024 at 4000 fps, 640x8 at 800,000 fps
  • DSLR camera, Nikon D7100
  • Various lights for regular and high speed video recording
  • Keithley 2410 source meter, high voltage power supply
  • Signatone probe station with several manual micropositioners