OptiTrack Prime 17W mocap system

OptiTrack Prime 17W
Status Active, 8 cameras


  • Ivan Penskiy (ipenskiy[at]umd[dot]edu)

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This motion tracking system consists of 8 OptiTrack Prime 17W cameras. These cameras are designed to operate with a large field of view and at high update rates (360 fps).


Engineering Annex building 093, Room 0307.


Field of view 70°
Resolution 1.7 MP
Frame rate 360 FPS
Latency 2.8 ms


Prime 17W must be reserved before using. The reservation is done using the NanoCenter reservation system (see details in the Scheduling page).
You will be able to reserve the equipment personally only after being trained on it.
Please estimate reservation times (they can be changed after the fact) and limit your reservations to a 12 hour maximum to ensure other users also have access to the system.

Video demonstration

The following videos demonstrate capabilities and the main steps of operating Prime 17W:

OptiTrack Motive tutorial Quadcopter Optitrack setup tutorial

Note: these are promotional and instructional videos. They are included for demonstrational purposes only. The details of actual operational procedures in RRL can differ!

Standard operating procedure

  • Coming soon

Software setup

Prime 17W is controlled from a Windows PC with Motive software.